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I’m 85, and I Learned to Code. You Should Too.

Let me tell you a story, a true story, about how an old dog did learn new tricks. I am the old dog, 85 years old as a matter of fact, and the new tricks were computer programming. By taking the online course at, I learned to write code in JavaScript, which is a powerful language used for animation, games, and other computer applications.

I found myself engrossed in this new learning adventure. Javascript is not easy, and sometimes I would not understand the concept or the particular sequence of commands that were required until I got feedback from the tutor, but the whole experience was fun, and my mind was stretched as I developed more skill and understanding.

Finally, I created a new game from scratch, which I call Roulette. Getting the numbers and colors correct, making the wheel spin, showing what “bet” had been made, then identifying the winner was the challenging and exciting culmination of my course, and I got to choose that game myself.

Believe me, if I can learn to write code and create something interesting and unique on the computer, your young minds can run rings around me and enter a whole new world of computer challenges and fun. And, besides, the world you will grow up in will be dominated by computers and will demand and reward those with programming skills with fascinating new jobs and opportunities. Go for it.

You can play Roulette here.


Guest post by Fred Zimmerman.